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21 Jul 2020

I decided to update my blog and replace minimal-mistakes by my own Jekyll theme. My goal was to increase the space for content and reduce the amount of personal information the reader sees. I took inspiration from the Bootstrap theme Clean Blog. Some of my older posts need updating, so I removed them for now.

An advantage of not depending on external themes is that it is easier to add new features. For example, when a text is too long, it is good to have a table of contents. I created the table of contents in pure javascript (a bit “hackish” but it works). It should appear on any post where there are <h2> and <h3> tags (not on this one).

The new website was created using the following CSS/JS libraries (and of course Jekyll):

Then I added my own CSS and JavaScript code. Building this website was surprisingly easy, it took me a few days at most.